Welcome to my world.

My name is Silvia.

My mind is a wild, quick, slow, and deep place- like the sea. I salivate at intelligence, original thought, curiosity and bravery. The Leo lioness in me can also radiate power, seduction and intense mesmerizing warmth. I am natural and curvy, and naturally curvy, with a piercing green-eyed gaze.

Your curious mind and body will find satiety with me. A true healer at heart, I love to make contact with other creatures. I deeply respect sensuality in all its eroticism, playfulness, and transformative potential. Skin to skin and mind to mind I am present and enthralled with my lovers. Soft touch, meaningful looks, and easy, boisterous laughs are what make me purr.

My favorite days include time with plants, my dog, outside with trees and inside with a notebook and pen. I love to talk about my dreams, usually sleepily in the morning. I am definitely a child of the north but love the sun on my face and the sea on my skin.

Whether for sensual massage, authentic conversation or passionate companionship I am here to meet you. Let us begin our weaving together.

Until then,

Silvia Solonas

...Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver, The Sun