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Intimacy: In inviting you into my world, I expect to be treated with kindness and respect, as I of course will return to you tenfold. Please be considerate and discreet in our interactions, both in email and in person. And woo me! There is nothing I love more than a person taking the time to get to know me. Scheduling longer dates so we can get to know one another and build connection, small acts of care, intentional, verbal consent (SO sexy..) and thoughtful gestures go incredibly far in winning my heart and affections. Let us honor each other as whole people. Let us lean into the magick and healing of true connection. I promise you, the return will be priceless.

Health and wellness: I show my dates care and respect. Part of this is arriving to our time together in good health and hygiene. I expect the same from you. Please arrive showered, with clean breath and in good health. Communicate with me about any physical disabilities, I am happy to work with you. And please, no strong colognes- I would much rather smell your natural odor ;)

The minutae: Please place your donation in an unsealed envelope in a visible place at the start of our time together. No need to say anything about it. If you’d like to extend our time together that is always a possibility- go ahead and ask! And refer to my regular rates for that time.



Spoil me: Gifts are absolutely not expected, but absolutely appreciated. Lavishing this Leo with affection and care is sure to make me smile, and make me purr. Olives, dry rosé, dark salted chocolate, fresh fruit, your favorite book and anything for my wool fetish are wonderful treat ideas if you are so inclined. Gift cards to Agent Provocateur, Flirt, Smitten Kitten, Etsy, Amazon, REI, and MAC cosmetics are also wonderful gestures.

Supporting one of my varied interests and hobbies by choosing from my wishlist is also sure to get my attention and appreciation. Herbal medicine, fitness, outdoor adventure, and geology are just a few. You can find my wishlist here.

Most importantly, my admirers are invited to donate to support my imminent enrollment in graduate school! Link coming soon, or feel free to donate in person.

Lingerie: 32DD, S/M. 7 ½ shoes, 4 dress. I like black and lace ;)